Tag: Urbanism

  • Snapshot #2305

    Hundreds of cyclists riding down a tunnel on the A100 motorway in Berlin as part of the ADFC Sternfahrt 2023, the biggest bicycle demonstration of the year.

  • Snapshot #2304

    I want to ride my bike. The Radparade bicycle was a protest ride for 30km/h maximum speed on main streets throughout Berlin, for a cleaner and more livable city.

  • Snapshot #2303

    Cycling on closed Berlin roads with a few hundred other cyclists as part of a demonstration against the new Berlin CDU/SDP coalition’s plan for transport and mobility.

  • Book Notes: Soft City

    The architect David Sim has managed to compile a manifesto on how livable cities ought to be designed. One of his main arguments is to soften the harsh form of built-up density by explicitly designing for as many exposures as possible. Exposing people to their fellow neighbours, be that the immediate neighbours living under the…