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  • A Local Developent Setup for BookWyrm Federation

    BookWyrm speaks ActivityPub, but testing its federation capabilities locally can be tricky. Besides running two separate instances, there are a few caveats that complicate things further, namely that both instances need to run on their separate domain and they need to have an SSL certificate signed by a common certificate authority. Satisfying these caveats without […]

  • Working with Product, not Working for Product

    John Cutler once again succinctly puts words on a general feeling that I’ve had on the state of the tech industry. In one of his latest weekly articles on The Beautiful Mess, he talks about three different team models for building tech products: For most of my career, I have worked on teams with one […]

  • On Layoffs and Their Inhumanity

    This interview with Jeffrey Pfeffer, Standford Professor of Business, got me thinking, again, about the wave of tech layoffs throughout 2022. For which there is not even a sign of it slowing down as of the first weeks of 2023. I went through two separate layoffs in 2022. The first was early in the year, […]

  • An Opinionated Guide to Operating a BookWyrm Instance

    Everything mentioned in this article is open-sourced as an Infrastructure as Code repository at chdorner/bookwyrm-infra. I’ve been running my BookWyrm instance for some time now, mainly as a means to get operating and admin experience while contributing to the development of the project. BookWyrm is a social reading and reviewing application, a sort of federated […]